Jon and El's Wedding Photos

Well the big day came and went - all too fast admittedly.  Luckily enough many people snapped away with their cameras.  Below are just some of the photos taken (there are others in embedded into the speeches...).

(PS We're working on getting the 'Official photos' online soon).


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signing_register2.jpg (40398 bytes) 

Signing The Register

The happy couple with El's Mum and Dad 

Us with El's Mum and Dad

Jon_El_AJ_under_tree.jpg (32926 bytes) 

Us with AJ

El_Mum_Dad_B.jpg (36259 bytes) 

El with Jon's Mum and Dad

dad_&_el_after_meal.jpg (35316 bytes) 

El and Jon's Dad

the_cake.jpg (29768 bytes) 

The Cake !

cutting_cake2.jpg (79440 bytes) 

Cutting it !


seated_throng_sarah_gary_foreground.jpg (24238 bytes) 

The happy throng


jon_&_el_after_meal.jpg (36134 bytes)

Jon and El !


joan_with_baby_&_olive.jpg (29640 bytes) 

Jon's Nan and Joan





Other photos taken by our guests - note this may take a few seconds to download !.

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