The Father of the Bride's Speech

First let me thank everyone for coming here today to celebrate Elanor and Jon's wedding and to make it a very special day for them. Many of you contributed your time and your talents to help in getting the details right and to stop Jon and Elanor becoming completely overwhelmed by the roller-coaster ride that started when Jon, at last, said 'Yes'.

Our thanks to you all.


Well, Mr and Mrs Bartlett junior it has been a great day for us too. I was delighted to have the opportunity to walk my favourite daughter down the aisle. I hope that Elanor's sisters will allow my use of the word 'favourite' on this very special occasion. A word of warning to all fathers' out there: if you have more than one daughter use that word 'favourite' with great care, it can get you into a lot of trouble!

You will, I am sure, be pleased to know that this speech will be over quite soon. So take a moment now to make sure that you glass is full. There is nothing worse than being asked to 'raise your glass and drink to...' something or other only to find that your glass is empty! And bear in mind that I won't be the only one asking you to get happily inebriated, there are other speakers to follow!

It is great to see so many of Jon and Elanor's friends and families have been able to come and share this occasion with them. For my wife and I, in addition to having our close family, from Australia and Lancashire here today, it has been a particular pleasure to meet again Elanor's school friends from more than a decade ago when our house was their house too.

So, once again our thanks to you all for being with us, and to our beautiful daughter and, he tells me, handsome son-in-law for going to so much trouble to throw such a great party! May they have many happy years ahead of them.

Please be upstanding, and raise your glasses, the toast is 'Elanor and Jon' .......