Welcome - thanks for dropping by www.TheBartletts.org !

Jon and El starting building a WebSpace for our home activities back in 1998, it's constantly updated (ish!).

This webspace gives details about our hobbies and interests - basically anything else that takes our fancy !

There were spinning boxes in the banner of the website - even though they've disapeared ?!  - Each box was a separate JAVA program which is running on your computer. Displaying a simple 3D 'wireframe' box, the program performed the calculations to rotate it and draw it at up to 30 times a second so it appears to be spinning.  Theprogram can display and rotate anything that can be described using a wireframemodel (i.e. points with joining lines).  As this was the first program Jon wrote in JAVA it was fitting that it's actually adapted from a program hefirst wrote in Apple Basic when 15 !

This space is in a state of constant construction, so please be gentle - but don't hesitate to mail me if you have any ideas of what else we can add;-)

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Last Edited : 7-Aug-2019